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What's in a reading?

In a personal or professional reading, we can look at...

  • Your chart to help you understand where you’re at in your life

  • Why certain things went the way they did.

  • What may happen next

please see FAQs for more information about what comes in a session. 


This way you get a sense of..

  • Life purpose and potential options for mission work (the expression of your life purpose)

  • Current lessons in your personal and professional experiences

  • Potential timing for important life changes

please see FAQs for more information about what comes in a session. 



  • All readings are based on your questions.
    30-Minute readings allow for 3-4 questions.
     60-Minute readings allow for 5-6 questions. Read this BEFORE you book so you know what to expect and the kinds of Qs I can answer.

  • Readings are done live, via Zoom conference and recorded.
    This way, you can ask questions in real-time and have a recording to refer back to.

  • To get a recording only:
    Please purchase your reading and schedule your recording time in my calendar. Then reply to your confirmation email with your session questions and let me know you'd like a recording. Recorded readings are shorter in length as you are not available to dialogue with me. 

  • If there are no available sessions to purchase on this page:
    Sessions are released on the 1st and 15th of each month and frequently sell out within 2-3 days. If there are no links to purchase a session on this page it is because sessions are sold out at this time. Please join my private list as sessions are often released to this group before the general public. 

  • If you have never met your twin:
    If you've never met your twin, had conversations with them, or been a part of one another's lives -- even at a distance, I will be unable to read for you. I cannot use astrology to confirm if someone is your twin, when you'll get in union or when/if you'll meet. For twins who have met, counterpart's precise birth year, location and date are required for readings.

  • Other Qs? See the Frequently Asked Questions list before booking.