Each month, I share a new moon and full moon astrology video for twin flames and light workers to understand the energies in a loving way. The messages are posted on my YouTube channel.

Frequently asked questions

Why do you only provide the new and full moon guidance? Why not weekly or use other specific days in the month?

Twice a month is a commitment I can consistently fulfill, and these happen to be juncture points in which I’ve noticed people can best direct their own energy when provided useful information in a loving way.

I notice you use more than the traditional 8 planets, why and what are they?

I notice you use more than the traditional 8 planets, why and what are they? I read the asteroids and the trans-neptunian objects as these are the additional celestial bodies provided by my software at this time. A quick google search will introduce you to these. I enjoy reading these energies as they introduce a uniquely feminine voice to the conversation which has been long missing from astrological interpretations.

Why do you use Juno and Jupiter as the twin flames? Why not Venus and Mars?

My guides prompted me to use these as the twin flames as their mythology is exactly the energy that we (as gods incarnate in the flesh) are meant to overcome during the Ascension; transmuting lower energies and patterns to embodied love.

What software do you use?

Presently, I’m using Astrograph’s Time Passages application.

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