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I’m so excited to read for you! Thank you for wanting me to look at your stars!

To have the best reading possible, it’s important to focus on your own experiences. For me, your chart is like a giant encyclopedia of your life. All parts of it are unique and special; no one part more special than the others. Sharing context and coming with questions will assist you in getting the most out of your reading. Since I do not offer “tell-me-what-you-see” readings and I am not psychic, it’s best to show up for your session prepared with questions.


The areas I can assist with are below, and recommendations for the type of expert for other questions are listed where applicable.


The BEST Qs for personal readings are those that are:

  • Personal to your current life experiences

  • About a situation where you are stuck and want to break through

  • About a pattern you keep repeating and would like to resolve

  • About a goal you’d like to achieve with success (a move, business, etc.) 

  • An experience from the past that you’re unsettled about and want to understand the divine purpose of


Things I CANNOT answer in a personal reading:

  • Qs about your past lives or starseed connections (see a past-life expert)

  • Qs about the signs/dreams you receive and what they mean, numerology or your numbers (see a numerology expert)

  • How many kids you’ll have, when your soulmate/twin will arrive, etc. (see a Vedic astrologer, I don't believe in "destiny")

  • Qs about your destiny, what you’re meant to do, your soul contracts, etc.  (see above)

  • Qs about the meaning of every house, sign or planet -- you can Google this for free (or sign up for Star School) 


The BEST Qs for relationship readings are those that are about:

  • A relationship where you’re consistently challenged and would like to create harmony

  • Gridlock in an area of interaction where you’d like to re-open the flow (sex, communication, competing goals, children, education, living together, money, work, etc.)

  • Understanding why a person operates the way they do 

  • Understanding a person’s patterns when they are different than your own

  • Understanding the impact and influence you have on one another (again, context is helpful for me if you’ve been struggling or triggered)


Things I CANNOT answer in a relationship reading:

  • What another thinks/feels about you or their intentions toward you (see an empathic psychic/medium)

  • Whether you and that person will reconnect if you’re in a period of separation (I believe in free will)

  • When/if you will ever get into a 3D romantic relationship/“union” or if you’re “meant to be” (see a Vedic astrologer)

  • How many kids you’ll have, when you’ll get married (see a Vedic astrologer)

  • Whether someone is a twin/ascension partner/soulmate, etc. (what box they fit in and the instruction manual for how to treat them or deal with your feelings for them)

  • What signs mean between you and another person and whether or not they are receiving signs (see a psychic who specializes in sign interpretation)


Please take some time to think through your experiences and what you’d like to know about them. The better your Qs, the better your session. Those who come prepared with Qs are far more satisfied with their reading than those who do not. 

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