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Know your stars.

Know your power.

Do you want to interpret your birth chart or the chart of someone you love?

Do you wish you knew what it meant when the planets change signs?

Would you like to better understand the astrology of your twin flame experience?

Do you want to know when harmonious windows open for you and your twin?

If you’re called to learn astrology from a perspective of freedom and choice

Enroll in Star School 101 

& Get the Bonus Bundle

$144.44 THROUGH MARCH 19

(After March 19, only the Bonus Bundle will be available)

You might be divinely called to Star School 101: Astro Basics if you...

  • Already know some astrology and want to go deeper

  • Are a beginner and want to get started

  • Want to know how to get the best from the planets, you’re tired of always feeling like the stars aren’t on your side

  • Want to understand your birth chart or the chart of someone you love

  • Want to interpret the seasons of your life and your loved ones lives

  • Want to have more power and control over your experiences, instead of feeling like life is “happening to you”

  • Have goals and want to know how to time them to work with the energy of life rather than against it

If you’ve struggled to understand why you are the way you are,

why life is going the way it’s going…

So you can do something constructive about it...

Then Star School 101 is for you

With the 101 class, I had some real "a-ha" moments of self-understanding. I also understand my counterpart better now that I know how to interpret his chart and his transits. This helps me to feel more compassion for him, and for the ways in which he and I are different. -- Meg S.

In Star School 101, you’ll learn the basics and more:

  • The signs and planet placements and what they mean

  • How to understand the conversations between planets ("aspects")

  • Timing and transits, how to “predict” what’s coming energetically

  • The complexity of planetary positions and how their energies create harmony or tension

  • Interpreting planets in houses and aspects in the natal chart

  • What it means when you have an "empty house" in your astrology chart (and why it's nothing to worry about) 

  • Who you and your counterpart are beyond your sun moon and rising signs

Star School 101 comes with...

(4) Pre-recorded classes for listening and learning at your own pace: 

  1. Houses, Signs, Planets (46 min)

  2. Read Your Chart -- know who you are (57 min)

  3. Aspects and the 6 Axis of the Zodiac (63 min)

  4. nterpreting Transits -- know what's coming (86 min)

(4) Four 90-120 minute office hours recordings that more deeply illuminate the material. (Note, office hours are NOT live.)

(1) One full-color, 26-page, PDF workbook that helps you understand your chart and the chart of a loved one, one step at a time.

Enroll in Star School 101 

& Get the Bonus Bundle

$144.44 THROUGH MARCH 19

(After March 19, only the Bonus Bundle will be available)

I knew nothing about astrology, and now I’m obsessed! The 101 class made it easy to have a beginning point of understanding in a super complex well of knowledge. Seeing events come together has helped me trust the process unfolding and to figure out the direction I need to go in for mission. -- Tracy Murphy

What's in the Star School Bonus Bundle

  • The Guide to Retrograde Planets 
    Know what the major planetary retrogrades mean, their length, and frequency so you know how to use the energies to your benefit.

  • The 2021 Retrograde Report
    Get the dates for each major planetary retrograde for 2021, their shadow periods, the signs, their impact, and which signs will feel each retrograde most this year.

  • The Divine Counterpart Union Schedule
    Know the dates for the last 50 years and next 30 years for every major conjunction of the Divine Counterparts in the sky. This will help you track the history of your connection and where it might be headed. 

  • 3 Guides 
    Multi-page, full color, printable, PDF astrology guides


  • 3 Video overviews
    5-10 minute video overviews for each guide so you understand how to use each one and what to pay attention to in your life 


  • 1 Illumination Call 
    An in-depth question and answer session to clarify the information in the guides, or ask any other astrology questions, including questions about Star School 101 or 201. (Live session on March 17, recording available thereafter.)

If you want more detailed information about

retrograde planetary energies and to know when 

The Divine Feminine and Masculine 

come together in the sky

Then the Star School Bonus Bundle is for you

Enroll in Star School 101 

& Get the Bonus Bundle

$144.44 THROUGH MARCH 19

(After March 19, only the Bonus Bundle will be available)

The material covered was perfect for an intro to astrology! You can use astrology to let the planets work WITH you instead of control you.

(Mind = blown) -- B.S.

This is exactly what you need if you:

  • Know basic astrology, but want a place to put it all together and see how it applies to your life or the life of someone you love.

  • Wonder if you’re unlucky or cursed. (You’re not.) If you’ve been having a hard time lately, and you want to know what you can do about it, this course is for you.

  • Want to know when the stars support your goals (career, relocation, projects, etc.)

  • Want to better understand yourself or another person, especially when it comes to communication styles, priorities, motivations and needs.

  • Want to know the best way to connect with your loved ones.

  • What kind of Qs can I ask in my reading?
    All readings are led by YOUR QUESTIONS. The best questions are the ones personal to your current experiences. We can discuss: Any place you're stuck in your life (not having the experience you want). Any experience from the past that you struggle to make sense of, and its divine purpose in your life. Any experience, goal or project you'd like to create and how to make it successful. Think about what is most important for you to know at this time, and we can go from there. You can also check out this list of questions that I can answer (recommended pre-reading). If you do not have any questions, it is best to wait and schedule a reading once you do as I do not offer "tell-me-what-you-see" or general readings. Each chart is unique and like reading a giant encyclopedia of your life. Great readings are built on great questions.
  • Can you validate if someone is my twin by looking at the charts?
    No, the charts will not show whether someone is your twin or not. Some astrologers believe you can see this in the chart, my guidance has been that part of the twin experience is about recovering your divinity templates, including divine knowing (intuition). As such, my role is to validate your intuition and shed light on your next steps.
  • I haven’t met my twin yet, can you still do a twin flame reading for me?"
    No. I cannot provide twin flame / relationship readings for twins who have not met yet. You are welcome to book a personal reading if you’d still like me to look at the stars for you. While the stars can reveal fortuitous seasons for love connections that last, they don’t guarantee the arrival of a twin or soulmate. Secondly, some have attempted to use the gift to engage in behavior that in the 3D world would legally be considered stalking. Therefore, if you have not met them, had conversations with them, and been a part of one another’s life -- personally or professionally in some capacity -- I ask for your understanding and respect of my spiritual and professional boundaries in this matter. If it comes to light in our session that you have not met your twin yet, you will have the option to receive a personal reading or to end the session. No refund will be provided for the difference in price.
  • What if I don’t have my twin’s birth time or my own?
    Most people do not have their twin’s birth time and and still receive wonderful readings. You can see a full set of reviews if you scroll down to the bottom of the page when you click HERE. 90% of them are from people who did not have their twin’s birth. If you are able to get your birth time, this is preferred, but not mandatory.
  • What if I don’t have the date, time or location of the day we met?"
    This is ok as well. We can work with the two main charts, you and your twin’s charts, rather than looking at the Union Chart. There is a lot of information that can be uncovered about how the two of you connect, what you’re meant to teach each other, and why things are going as they are between you without the Union Chart.
  • What is a Union Chart? Will it tell me when we will come into Union?
    The Union Chart is the date, time, location you and your twin met. While it won’t tell you when you will definitely get into Union, it can shed light (in combination with the natal charts) on times when the planets are supportive. Whether you come into union or not is a matter of free will. The stars can make it easier, but those who are masterful will ultimately, transcend the stars’ influence.
  • How do I get my recording?
    Readings are done live, via Zoom conference and recorded so you can ask questions in real time and have a recording of the session. Recordings are sent via Google Cloud link at the end of your reading day. Once you receive your reading, it is best to download and save it to a safe location as all readings are deleted from my system after 30 days.
  • How can I get a copy of my chart?
    You can get a free copy of your chart on my site here. Alternatively, you can get a free chart from sessions with clients, the Time Passages software from Astrograph is used.
  • Can you teach me astrology?
    Star School with K is an introductory course to reading the stars with me. You're welcomed to join when it is available. When the program is not available, I highly recommend learning astrology with Nadiya Shah, Molly McCord or Annie Boticelli.
  • How do I use Zoom? Can we meet on Skype or by phone instead?
    I only meet by Zoom at this time. If you need a phone number to dial in so you can join by phone, please email me at the start of your session and I will provide you with one. To learn more about Zoom for your computer or mobile device, please see Zoom’s help pages. You can do that by clicking HERE.
  • Can you read progressed charts?
    I presently only read the Natal Chart (where the planets were at the time of your birth) and Union Chart (the planets at the time of your first meeting with your twin,) and Composite Charts (joint mission) where we can find the joing mission information.

Enroll in Star School 101 

& Get the Bonus Bundle

$144.44 THROUGH MARCH 19

(After March 19, only the Bonus Bundle will be available)

By completing the workbook it brought each individual piece into focus and then built on putting the pieces together. This is my 6th astrology course and it finally all clicked! I especially like that instead of just giving us definitions of what something "should" mean, you encourage the use of intuition which helps when the typical definition doesn't seem to fit. Most classes focus on tons of definitions and information about what everything means and I like how you give the right amount of information and then have us dive in to interpret for ourselves.

The lightbulb finally clicked on with your class, I can't thank you enough!

I can't wait for the next one!!!! -- J.E. 

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