Know your stars.

Know your power.

Do you want to interpret your birth chart or the chart of someone you love?

Do you wish you knew what it meant when the planets change signs?

Would you like to better understand the astrology of your twin flame experience?

Do you want to know when harmonious windows open for you and your twin?

If you’re called to learn astrology from a perspective of freedom and choice

Enroll in Star School 101 

& Get the Bonus Bundle

$144.44 THROUGH MARCH 19

(After March 19, only the Bonus Bundle will be available)

You might be divinely called to Star School 101: Astro Basics if you...

  • Already know some astrology and want to go deeper

  • Are a beginner and want to get started

  • Want to know how to get the best from the planets, you’re tired of always feeling like the stars aren’t on your side

  • Want to understand your birth chart or the chart of someone you love

  • Want to interpret the seasons of your life and your loved ones lives

  • Want to have more power and control over your experiences, instead of feeling like life is “happening to you”

  • Have goals and want to know how to time them to work with the energy of life rather than against it

If you’ve struggled to understand why you are the way you are,

why life is going the way it’s going…

So you can do something constructive about it...

Then Star School 101 is for you

With the 101 class, I had some real "a-ha" moments of self-understanding. I also understand my counterpart better now that I know how to interpret his chart and his transits. This helps me to feel more compassion for him, and for the ways in which he and I are different. -- Meg S.

In Star School 101, you’ll learn the basics and more:

  • The signs and planet placements and what they mean

  • How to understand the conversations between planets ("aspects")

  • Timing and transits, how to “predict” what’s coming energetically

  • The complexity of planetary positions and how their energies create harmony or tension

  • Interpreting planets in houses and aspects in the natal chart

  • What it means when you have an "empty house" in your astrology chart (and why it's nothing to worry about) 

  • Who you and your counterpart are beyond your sun moon and rising signs

Star School 101 comes with...

(4) Pre-recorded classes for listening and learning at your own pace: 

  1. Houses, Signs, Planets (46 min)

  2. Read Your Chart -- know who you are (57 min)

  3. Aspects and the 6 Axis of the Zodiac (63 min)

  4. nterpreting Transits -- know what's coming (86 min)

(4) Four 90-120 minute office hours recordings that more deeply illuminate the material. (Note, office hours are NOT live.)

(1) One full-color, 26-page, PDF workbook that helps you understand your chart and the chart of a loved one, one step at a time.

Enroll in Star School 101 

& Get the Bonus Bundle

$144.44 THROUGH MARCH 19

(After March 19, only the Bonus Bundle will be available)

I knew nothing about astrology, and now I’m obsessed! The 101 class made it easy to have a beginning point of understanding in a super complex well of knowledge. Seeing events come together has helped me trust the process unfolding and to figure out the direction I need to go in for mission. -- Tracy Murphy

What's in the Star School Bonus Bundle

  • The Guide to Retrograde Planets 
    Know what the major planetary retrogrades mean, their length, and frequency so you know how to use the energies to your benefit.

  • The 2021 Retrograde Report
    Get the dates for each major planetary retrograde for 2021, their shadow periods, the signs, their impact, and which signs will feel each retrograde most this year.

  • The Divine Counterpart Union Schedule
    Know the dates for the last 50 years and next 30 years for every major conjunction of the Divine Counterparts in the sky. This will help you track the history of your connection and where it might be headed. 

  • 3 Guides 
    Multi-page, full color, printable, PDF astrology guides


  • 3 Video overviews
    5-10 minute video overviews for each guide so you understand how to use each one and what to pay attention to in your life 


  • 1 Illumination Call 
    An in-depth question and answer session to clarify the information in the guides, or ask any other astrology questions, including questions about Star School 101 or 201. (Live session on March 17, recording available thereafter.)

If you want more detailed information about

retrograde planetary energies and to know when 

The Divine Feminine and Masculine 

come together in the sky

Then the Star School Bonus Bundle is for you

Enroll in Star School 101 

& Get the Bonus Bundle

$144.44 THROUGH MARCH 19

(After March 19, only the Bonus Bundle will be available)

The material covered was perfect for an intro to astrology! You can use astrology to let the planets work WITH you instead of control you.

(Mind = blown) -- B.S.

This is exactly what you need if you:

  • Know basic astrology, but want a place to put it all together and see how it applies to your life or the life of someone you love.

  • Wonder if you’re unlucky or cursed. (You’re not.) If you’ve been having a hard time lately, and you want to know what you can do about it, this course is for you.

  • Want to know when the stars support your goals (career, relocation, projects, etc.)

  • Want to better understand yourself or another person, especially when it comes to communication styles, priorities, motivations and needs.

  • Want to know the best way to connect with your loved ones.

Frequently asked questions

Will the charts show if this is a twin connection and verify it? Will you teach how to know a twin flame from an Ascension Partner (False Twin) based on the charts?

No, I do not read the charts in that way. Some astrologers do, however my guidance has been to leave the “knowing” to you, and not undermine your intuition. If you don’t know, it’s ok, in time you will. Trust your heart. It will tell you the truth about your connection. The astrology will show you how to make the best of things in your connection and better understand yourself and your counterpart.

What if I’m not sure if my connection is a Twin Flame connection, Ascension Partner, or something else?

As I have talked about on the YouTube channel, divine connections can present the same experience, no matter the label. The point and the purpose for each is love. These courses can help you create greater self-love and compassion for another by understanding the perfection in how you are constructed and the perfection in the current unfoldments.

What if I don’t know astrology but only want the Bonus Bundle? Will I be able to understand it?

Yes. The Bonus Bundle comes with interpretations for each type of retrograde so you can derive value from it whether you know astrology or not.

How long is each class? How long are the Q & A Office Hours?

Each class is about 45-80 minutes. Office hours recordings are 90-120 minutes. Office hours recordings illuminate the class information in greater detail and answer frequently asked questions for each class.

Are these recorded or live classes?

At this time, only recorded material is available so you can listen and learn on your schedule.

I don’t have astrology software, do I need to get some?

You don’t have to, you can create charts free on my site or from the internet. However, I strongly recommend downloading the free version of Time Passages Application from Astrograph for your mobile device (available for iOS, Android) if you're enrolling in Star School 101. Though it has some limitations, it’s a wonderful application to get started with and will be the application used for both courses. The free version is only available for mobile devices.

Will you offer this again?

The 101 cours is avalable for special pricing through March 19 only. Both the 101 and 201 course are slated to become available again in the fall of 2021 at this time. But if you want to learn this information now, I wouldn't recommend waiting.

Do you practice Tropical (Western) or Sidereal (Vedic) astrology? Which house systems will you use?

All videos on the YouTube channel and content for Star School are based in Tropical Astrology, using the Placidus House System. If you practice a different house system or Sidereal Astrology, yet find the astrological content shared on the YouTube channel resonates for you, you are still welcomed to join. These courses will give you an additional perspective that you may find useful to incorporate as it suits you.

What is your refund policy?

Star School courses are non-refundable as access to all content is granted immediately upon purchase. All payments made for courses are non-exchangeable and non-transferable to other services. Partial refunds are not provided under any circumstances.

Will Star School 101 prepare me to read astrology for others?

No. Star School 101 will not not provide the comprehensive education required to effectively read for others. These courses are specifically designed to help you understand yourself and your loved ones only.

Enroll in Star School 101 

& Get the Bonus Bundle

$144.44 THROUGH MARCH 19

(After March 19, only the Bonus Bundle will be available)

By completing the workbook it brought each individual piece into focus and then built on putting the pieces together. This is my 6th astrology course and it finally all clicked! I especially like that instead of just giving us definitions of what something "should" mean, you encourage the use of intuition which helps when the typical definition doesn't seem to fit. Most classes focus on tons of definitions and information about what everything means and I like how you give the right amount of information and then have us dive in to interpret for ourselves.

The lightbulb finally clicked on with your class, I can't thank you enough!

I can't wait for the next one!!!! -- J.E.